Working on Xmas Eve. Only half day today luckly. Almost done today.

Beachwood Brewery in Long Beach, Ca. Dec 16 2018

Friday night with a fridge full of beer. What could be better? All crafty 16oz'er.

Lol I tried to unsubscribe to CoinGeek email newsletter and the unsubscribe link wasnl not found. Typical.

Beer: Arrow Lodge Brewing - Verbena or for worse (Berliner Weisse) 4.5% 3.5/5. Good. Clean crispy taste. Light German 'sourish' Weisse Style. Lemon taste makes it extra long lasting.

Beer: Wild Barrel - Vice Apricot Peach (Sour - Berliner Weisse Style). Wow that packs a punch of peach/fruit.

BCHABC lawsuit and interestingly high price for BCHSV? Obviously co-ordination alongside Social Media Campaign (Reddit /r/btc trolls). Seems a strong actor(s) is/are trying to run Bitcoin Cash (BCH/ABC) amuck. Not buying it, seen this over and over.

Beer: Fremont Brewing - Head full of Dynamite (Hazy IPA). Yes very Hazy and Thick. Fruity.

Beer: Almanac Beer Co - Love Hazy IPA

It's nice.

Beer: Stone - Enjoy By 01.01.19 - Brut IPA -- ok wow this is really strong, like alcohol taste wise. Brut is sorta helping?? Idk, I don't usually like 9.4% so it's definitely out of my preference zone.

Notorious - Whiney, Sense MC - Waystone "Used to handling big problems" Why do I love UK Rap and not US?

Beer: Beachwood - Citraholic IPA. One of my all time favorites.

Beer: Conditions Pale Ale by Arrow Lodge. Real 'Thick' or rich, flavor is solid pineapple with some beer.

Gregarious Nature IPA by Alesmith and Stone in San Diego. Caught my eye today. Crispy clean ipa, so far so good. Nothing new, but a good balance of all I like in a West Coast IPA.


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